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The Baby Sleep Cheatsheet is a comprehensive, yet simple, compilation of baby & toddler sleep averages. Take the confusion and contradiction out of understanding baby sleep needs.
 Predict nap and sleep transitions by age
 Discover needed sleep ranges for birth to 5 years old
 Learn the signals your child sends when they are NOT sleeping enough and what signals to ignore as normal
 Remove the confusion around sleep needs
 Take the first step in planning sleep strategy for your child. 

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Sarah Branion, Baby & Toddler Sleep Strategist

Six years ago I was a new mom of a four month old, who hadn’t slept more than 25 minutes at a time since my her birth. At a breaking point and wondering if I would ever survive this early postpartum period and sleep deprivation, I began reading and mastering the art of baby sleep. Today, I am a wellrested, fulfilled mother of two children and my super power is Baby & Toddler Sleep. I’m passionate about helping you get the sleep you deserve and the rest your baby or toddler needs. 
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