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All About Pacifiers

1) What to do if pacifiers are popping out all night
2) How and when to stop cold-turkey
3) How and when it is best to wean off or quit pacifier use

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What Parents Say About Through the Night Method:

"You should know that I spilled my entire smoothie all over the kitchen at 6:56 this morning, and I wasn’t even mad because “S.” slept 10+ straight hours again last night and I was well-rested enough to handle the mess. 😉 Hooray for sleeping kids! Everybody needs you to help their kids sleep!"
Erica, mom of 3 girls,  lifestyle blogger
"After reading several helpful books on sleep training, nothing could compare to listening to Sarah explain to the both of us how to correctly train our daughter to sleep. She answered all our questions and her confidence reassured us that we were on the right path. I only wish I would have connected sooner. "
JO, father of 2 girls, author & speaker
"Sarah helped us sort Out my 10 month olds sleep issues in less than a week!!! It only took a few days and then AJ was finally sleeping through the night. Now my husband and I enjoy quiet adult time dinners and even a cocktail once and a while– baby free while baby AJ sleeps through the night!! I highly recommend Sarah’s service especially for troubles with your baby not sleeping!! Sarah saved my life!!! Sleep deprivation is the worst and I’m so glad to have my own bedtime back!!"
Kristina, mother to AJ, Sr. Account Executive
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